Bonzai Intranet

Date:September 2, 2016 3:52 pm

Supported Platforms
SharePoint 2013
SharePoint 2016
SharePoint Online
Office 365
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Company Name Bonzai Intranet
Twitter Account @Bonzaiintranet
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Sales Phone Number (778) 998-3546
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Benefit #1

Bonzai Intranet was developed by a team of talented engineers and UX designers to help you maximize Office 365 and SharePoint use. You benefit from a cutting-edge, flexible and integrated digital workplace so you can effectively improve communication, collaboration, and engagement in your organization.

Benefit #2

In as little as 8 - 12 weeks, you can turn on a pre-built intranet for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 that's packed with the core functionality all organizations need to drive communication, collaboration, and engagement with employees.

Benefit #3

35% of employees typically don't use their corporate intranet, often because it's difficult to find useful content buried behind a clunky interface with weak search capabilities. Bonzai Intranet guarantees that 100% of your employees will be able to find the content they need, and navigate your digital workplace with ease.