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The word intranet gets a whole new dimension. Double the impact of your intranet with Debble Workplace. We take care of the technology so you can focus on the most important thing; your business.

We provide integrated communication- and collaboration solutions in Office 365 and SharePoint. We enable employees to achieve more in less time so they can excel in their jobs. We do that by bringing clarity and sense in the ever-changing Microsoft toolset. It includes every modern intranet feature, plus more! Extend your intranet with templates and build your Digital Workplace.

Sales Phone Number+31182-338128
Benefit #1

Our product is built around your users. Bringing lots of enhancements to SharePoint and (finally) clarity on the confusing Office 365 toolset.

  1. Reinoud Wouters said on August 9, 2018 11:14 am:

    Social intranet what really works!

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