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No-code, smart and 100% secured forms in SharePoint Online!
Do you really know how secured your data is when it’s processed on a vendor’s could server?
As a SharePoint-hosted app, KWizCom Forms processes and renders your forms 100% client-side. Your forms data never leaves your Office 365 tenant!
Moreover, the existing Forms solutions for SharePoint Online are designed for technical power-users. Tools such as Microsoft Power Apps, along with 3rd party forms tools all display a rich, “visual studio”-like designer which is too technical for business-users who obviously cannot get near such a tool.
Organizations that use such tools, must employ a dedicated “forms expert” team to create forms for the entire company, so the cost of creating and maintaining these forms becomes much higher.
Such form tools replace the native SharePoint list forms with their own custom forms, which means that all SharePoint extensibility features will not work inside these custom forms.

True SharePoint-native forms & workflow app for SharePoint & Office 365, designed for non-technical business-users! KWizCom Forms App turns existing SharePoint list forms into rich enhanced web forms.
Easily create your custom forms by quickly enhancing existing list forms. No need to deploy and learn a new, external form tool, no need for technical power-user skills.
Effortlessly implement business processes without messing with complex workflow design tools!

Sales Phone Number+1 905-370-0333
Benefit #1

Same familiar SharePoint list forms, so no new technology and UI to learn!
Imagine you can create powerful forms without having to teach your end-users how to use any new Forms technology! Your end-users will keep using the same familiar SharePoint forms "on steroids".

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