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Safely find & replace old URLs and strings in your SharePoint 2013/2016 farm/Office 365 sites!

Planning to upgrade to a new SharePoint edition or migrate to a new server?
With hundreds, thousands or millions of sites, many of them customized with SPD by power users, and with thousands of documents that might also include hard-coded links to your older SharePoint server, now you can fix all these wrong/broken links in a reliable way and without losing so much time on manual fixes.

SharePoint Find & Replace replaces hard-coded strings in SharePoint.
This administration client-tool supports both SharePoint 2013/2016 server, as well as SharePoint online (O365). KWizCom’s SharePoint Find & Replace will scan your SharePoint farm and will replace the existing strings with an updated string of your choosing. The tool includes a “Scan only” mode as well as a detailed log – both enable the admin to stay in control and easily monitor all string replacements.

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Import/export list of tokens from CSV file

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