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SP Self-Service Intranet takes the basic SharePoint Communications site to the next level by adding function and features that transform it from a basic News site to a Employee Self-Service Hub. SP Self-Service Intranet turns your SharePoint Communications intranet into a employee Self-Service Portal Structure that drives self-service by adding a common way for employees to access News and Information, Resources (Documents, Media, etc), Internal Services, and Employee Facing Processes. SP Self-Service Intranet features six major components:

1. News & Events
2. eDiscovery (Employee Directory, FAQ, KB, …)
3. Document Central
4. Process Central
5. Help Central (Service Requests)
6. Department Self-Service Portals

Go beyond the limited ROI of a News page to the unlimited opportunities provided by a Self-Service Intranet

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Benefit #1

Takes the basic Communications Site to the next level by adding an employee self-service portal structure.

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